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Welcome to my website! I am an author and historical researcher and also have a professional background as an archivist and genealogist. My personal and professional interest in Jewish history, synagogue architecture, and historic preservation spans nearly 30 years. My books reflect this interest and cover the topics of American Jewish history and American synagogue architecture. I have researched, compiled, and authored seven books on these topics as well as Jewish genealogy. In addition, I have compiled many booklets and indexes on congregational and Jewish Community history as well as Jewish cemetery and Holocaust memorial databases. My books can be found in over 100 public, college and university libraries across the US and in Israel and Germany. My background in research and archives provides a unique view and prospective to my work.

My website pages provide information on my books, cemetery indexes, and my own family history & genealogy. There are also links to web pages I have created to memorialize some of my ancestral towns in Poland and the Czech Republic, plus a separate page specifically on synagogue architecture.

My newest book, The Synagogues of Eastern Pennsylvania: A Visual Journey (Fonthill Media & Arcadia Publishing), is available on Amazon (and other online retailers), as are all of my other titles. My current research & writing project is an eBook detailing my family’s experiences during & after the Holocaust. Other writing projects on my “To Do” list include an eBook showcasing the synagogues designed by the noted American synagogue architect Percival Goodman plus research on Holocaust memorials and museums in North America. For more information, please E-Mail me.



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