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Dedicated to the Memory


My Ancestors & Relatives Who Perished During


HOLOCAUST 1933-1945

May Their Names Never Be Forgotten




I've been researching my family tree for nearly 30 years and have made great success despite the difficulties surrounding Holocaust Survivor & Victim research. I've learned more than I could ever have expected to and have connected with newly found family members from all over the world. My full family history along with hundreds of photographs is available for public view on and but I decided to start sharing some of my family history and information here on this new page. Below you will find links to my family tree, a list of all individuals found in the tree and also a list of surnames found in my tree. I plan on adding more information such as place names and more photographs in the future. I'm reaching out to family members, known & unknown.


If you would like more information or believe that we may be related, please get in touch with me. I'm happy to respond. - You can also click on the link for MyHeritage to see my current & up to date family tree. You will find hundreds of family related photographs & images


Family Tree


List of Individuals


Cemeteries & Burials List


Family Surnames List


Place Name List


Dobrzyn nad Wisla, Poland - Memorial to the Jewish Community


Teplice-Sobědruhy, Czech Republic - Memorial to the Jewish Community






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