Temple Shalom - Congregation L'Shem Shomayim





Temple Shalom - Exterior & Interior ca. 2008




Former Synagogue of Israel



Former Eoff Street Temple of Congregation L'Shem Shomayim




Synagogues & Cemeteries


-Temple Shalom - Congregation L’Shem Shomayim, founded in 1849. Current Building 1957. Present congregation is a 

 merger of Eoff Street Temple and Congregation of Israel

-Synagogue of Israel (former bldg) 115 ½ Edington Lane – extensively remodeled and changed

-Mount Wood Hebrew Cemetery, founded in 1849, Reform and Orthodox sections

-Jewish Memorial Park - Triadelphia - former Synagogue of Israel cemetery

-Greenwood Cemetery - Jewish Section - National Road, Wheeling


Jewish-Owned Stores & Businesses


Simon Baer’s Sons, Inc. - wholesale grocers & coffee roasters, f. prior to 1890 by Henry, Marcus & Bernard Baer. Later     

          run by Henry’s sons Benjamin & Joseph H. Baer. Also known as Baer & Sons Grocer and Baer Grocer Company

Baer’s Pharmacy - established in 1905 at 12th and Chapline Streets by Herbert Baer.

Banov Sporting Goods - est. by David Banov in 1908, joined in business in 1932 was son Robert who died in 2005 and the

          store was closed. Located at 30 Twelfth Street and later at 1223 Market Street. Sporting goods, guns, ammunition.

          Also known more recently as R. Banov Guns & Ammo, Inc. The Banov Family also owned a jewelry store, a foreign

          car dealer, pawn shop and a shoe store

Bernhardt’s Men’s Clothing - 1225 Market Street, est. 1893

Bloch Brothers Tobacco Warehouse - founded in 1879 by Samuel S. & Aaron Bloch. First at 1501-1503 Main Street

Bloch’s ? Wholesale Grocery & Dry Goods - Main Street bet. 15th & 16th St. f. by Aaron & Samuel Bloch before 1879

Broida, Stone & Thomas Department Store - original partner was Jewish??

The Children’s Shop - owned and operated by the Mendelson Family

Dan Cohen Shoes - Market Street

Crone’s Clothier’s, Ltd. - known in 1941 as “Max Crone & Co” at 1310 Market Street

Crown Stogie Company - established by Augustus Pollock in 1871. Manufacturing plant on Water Street

Golden’s ?Army & Navy Store - operated by the Golden Family

L.S. Good & Company - 1132-36 Main Street. Department Store est. in 1884 by Lee S. Good.

M. Gutman & Company - wholesale & retail clothiers, est. by David Gutman prior to 1890.

Gutman Advertising. LLC - 201 Edington Lane (2005)

Horkheimer Brothers Wool Company

S. Horkheimer & Son - established in 1848, wholesale foods and spices

Horne’s Women’s Clothing Store - 11th & Main Streets, Fred Horne

The Hub Gift Center - ca. 1941

Imperial Display Co., Inc. - 1110 Main Street - owned and operated by the Mendelson Family, closed pre 2005

Kaufman’s Bridal Store

Kline Brothers - The Reliable Clothiers - 34 12th Street, founded prior to 1882

Levenson Furniture

Pacific Flour Mills - Market & 14th Street, owned & operated by M & J Pollack, est. before 1886

Penn Jewelry Company - 1222 Market Street

Pollack Tobacco Company - established by Augustus Pollack

Posin’s Fine Jewelers - 2 stores run by 2 brothers started by their father in 1923. [2005] - 1306 Market Street, 20 Elm

          Terrace, also Posins-Diamond Center, located at 1125 Market Street

Reichart Furniture Store - 1121 Main Street, owned and operated Robert, Donald & Edgar Levenson. Branches were

          located in Washington PA. Moundsville, W, Martins Ferry, OH. and Parkersburg, WV

The Retail Furniture Company

A. L. Rice & Company - established by Albert L. Rice

Rubin Brothers Army Navy Store - 1104 Main Street

Rudner Furniture Company - owned and operated by Sam Rudner

Schenks -

Schlesinger Insurance - Charles & Milton Schlesinger

Sonneborn Corporation - begun by Moses Sonnenborn in the late 19th century

Superior’s Clothing - 1045 Main Street

Walk-Over Boot Shop - 1129 Market Street, ca. 1915, owned/operated by Morris Jacob’s & Son

Wheeling Antenna Company - est. in 1952 by Donald Levenson

Wheeling Mattress Company - Charles and Leo Wolf

Wiener Office Equipment - 40 14th Street

Nearby Bellaire, Ohio

Berman’s Men’s Store - Louis Mendelson


Other Sites & Places of Jewish Interest

Wheeling Park & Oglebay Park - among the men who purchased land and begun in 1924 the establishment of this historic

          park and recreation area was Charles Sonneborn.

The Good Zoo - est. by Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Good in memory of their son, Phillip.

Good Lake, -Levenson Picnic Shelter, Sonneborn Picnic Shelter, Sonneborn Field, Sonneborn Gates

L.S. Good House, 95 14th Street, 1904 (Private House)

Charles J. Wolf Playground - 10th & Chaplain Street - memorial by sister, Ruth Wolf Levi

Ruth Wolf & Rabbi Harry Levi Games Court - Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy

Trades & Labor Monument - Honoring Augustus Pollack, tobacco manufacturer, labor leader and first president of

          Congregation L’Shem Shomayim in 1849. Located in Kossuth Park, the monument was erected by the employees of

          the Pollack Tobacco Company

Oglebay Institutes Glass Museum - glass cases in museum are from the former Banov Jewelry Store in Wheeling.


Jewish Families

Among the earliest Jewish families in Wheeling were the Aub, Ballenberg, Bloch, Heyman, Horkheimer, Moss, Rheinstrom, and Sonneborn. Other early Jewish families in Wheeling include: Baer, Buckman, Cohen, Crone, Good,, Cohen, Emsheimer, Hanauer, Jacobson, Kaufman, Kline, Kraft, Krauss, Levi, Mayer, Posin, Raduziner, Reich, Reed, Reichart, Rice, Rosenbloom, Schwabacher, Schlesinger, Speyer, Stein, Wolf






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